Guitar Lessons with Micah Beverly
Chandler, AZ


Acoustic & Electric | Pop+Rock+Blues | Beginner & Advanced

I have a 15 Student Max so my schedule can stay flexible.  Hour Private Lessons is what I advertise but I offer my students much more than that.  Long lessons, shopping for new guitars and amps, in-home visits to help set up equipment, you name it, I’m here to help. All of my students are adults, no kids here. Materials and lessons are geared towards adults. I have found it better to specialize.  I teach out of my home here in Chandler, AZ just off 101 and Ray Rd. I have time slots available Monday – Friday if my student load is not full.

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  • Guitar-High-Student-Robbie-D

    Robbie D.

    “I’ve made huge strides in just one year. Micah went above and beyond helping me buy my first electric off craigslist.”

  • Guitar-Hihg-Student-Samir-G

    Samir G.

    “Micah is an incredibly patient teacher who is flexible with topics and adjusts well to students individual interests.”


GuitarHigh Chandler Arizona location map

Chandler, AZ
(Ray & 101)

  • Guitar-High-Student-Todd-B

    Todd B.

    “I’ve got a lot of awesome guitars…now I know how to play awesome songs on them!”

  • Guitar-High-Student-Corey

    Corey G.

    “Within a year I went from intermediate to advanced! Now I know soloing, modes, scales, and chords inside and out.”

Solo Artist & Guitar Teacher

At 14 in 1989, I picked up my first guitar. After a 2 month beginning guitar class in high School, I taught myself the rest. By 16, I was writing my own music and had formed my own band. Fast forward to 2005, I started singing my own songs as a solo acoustic looping act and began teaching guitar full time. 

  • Original Songs – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Songwriter, Band Leader
    In my first 15 years as a guitarist, I played in several bands and experienced winning 5 different Battle of the Bands contests. I played some big shows, opened for Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Lifehouse, Dishwalla, and played live on LA’s famous 95.5 KLOS Mark & Brian radio show. Fortunately, I avoided some shady offers and contracts, but unfortunately, I experienced the music “business” deep enough to see how broken it is. I decided I wanted to do music on my own terms and at my own pace, so I went solo in 2005 and never looked back!

  • Original & Cover Songs – Acoustic Singer/Songwriter, Looper
    In 2009 I competed and won Alice Cooper’s “Proof is in the Pudding” contest here in Arizona. Winning meant I got to perform in front of 4,500 people at the Dodge/Comerica Theatre for the annual “Christmas Pudding” show. It was an interesting experience to play alongside Lita Ford, Dee Snider, Roger Clyne, and, of course, Alice himself. Another personal highlight was being chosen as one of six finalists in the US to compete at BOSS’s “World’s Best Looper” contest in 2010. I placed 2nd, won a lot of cool BOSS gear, and had an amazing experience! I’m more interested in teaching than gigging these days, but you can find me performing at the Phoenix Film Festival each year.

2nd Place
"Worlds Best Looper Contest"

Musicians Institute – Hollywood, CA
US “Finals” Competition

1st Place
Alice Cooper

Dodge Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
Alice Cooper’s “Christmas Pudding”
  • Chandler-Guitar-Lessons-student-Angela

    Angela F.

    “I’m having a blast with my new guitar skills. Micah is great about keeping me on track with laser like focus on topics I need.”

  • Chandler-Guitar-Lessons-student-Eric

    Eric R.

    “Awesome guitar and music teacher! This man knows his stuff and knows how to break things down into an understandable format.”




How Music Works

what chords go together
what’s the major scale
what are modes
how to write a song
what scales to use for soloing


Drills and Technique

smoother transitions
build picking speed
gain accuracy
better strumming
left & right hand muting


Put It All Together

play your favorite songs
write your own songs
jam in a group
how to play live
learn to improvise

  • Chandler-Guitar-Lessons-student-Kim

    Kim J.

    “Micah actually teaches theory better than any music instructor I’ve encountered during a decade of playing clarinet!”

  • Chandler-Guitar-Lessons-student-Jeff

    Jeff S.

    “I feel like I know the guitar inside and out. I thought music theory was going to be difficult, but Micah has made it easy.”


All Levels

We go at your pace, cover your interests, and dial in your goals.



  • Open Chords, Notes, Vocabulary
  • 100’s of Fun Easy Songs
  • Reading TAB & Notes
  • Key of C and G chords
  • Strumming & Fingerpicking
  • How to Listen for chord changes


  • Bar Chords
  • Chords in Keys
  • Major Scale
  • Pentatonic Scale
  • Soloing Techniques
  • Speed Drills


  • Modes
  • Songwriting
  • Mixing Pentatonics
  • Songs by Ear
  • Exotic Scales
  • Improvisation


I charge about the same as local music stores and other independent teachers, but offer my students much more attention.

  • Most Other Teachers & Small Stores – 30min – This is a marketing trick: offer less time so the price looks lower. Small music stores and independent teachers will charge $25-$50 for 30min lessons ($100-$200/mo), which would be equivalent to $200-$400/mo for 60min lessons. Also, I can tell you from experience, it is VERY hard to get any real learning done in half hour sessions.
  • Large Music Stores – 60min – Yeah, you know that store I’m talking about. They charge around $220/mo for hour lessons, but they lack consistency in their instructors, customization of curriculum, and many other features I offer.
  • Guitar High – 60+min – $250/mo plus all the extra awesomeness. My rate is based on about $60 a lesson. I say ‘lesson’ not ‘hour’ because I often spend extra time with students when our schedules allow. Also, since months fluctuate with 4 or 5 lessons, I charge a flat $250/mo, even if there are 5 of your lesson day that month. I take pride in going above and beyond traditional guitar lessons and typical guitar teachers for my students. My motto is: We don’t watch the clock, we watch your progress.

There are definitely some great teachers out there, but there are some horror stories too, as told by some of my students! Look for a teacher that’s the right fit for you. If you think that’s me, request a lesson.

I love what I do, and I want you to love learning the guitar! – Micah

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