The old traditional guitar lesson structure fails the student on so many levels. After working at music stores for years in my early 20’s, I heard all the complaints from students and teachers. Main complaints were… not enough time at the lesson to actually accomplish anything, lack of materials, cramped lesson room, good player but not good teacher, and no group interaction. These issues have been echoed by students coming to me from other local music store lessons and other local teachers. Basically, sitting in a tiny room in the back of the music store with some papers, an amp, music stand, and an instructor for only 30min was not a recipe for success. With current technology and my unique structure of lessons, I have solved these issues and more.

I am a mentor, friend, and teacher to my students. Guitar Lessons are not just about the 1 hour you sit with me 1-on-1 each week. They are about acquiring a skill, getting more out of life, making music, making connections, having fun, having an outlet, building confidence, overcoming obstacles, and expressing yourself.

Over my last 10 years teaching, I have leveraged my resourcefulness, tech savvy, natural talent as a teacher, and skill and knowledge as a guitarist to become a top Guitar Teacher in the Phoenix Valley (self-claimed of course 😉 but when I browse what’s out there… it sure does seem that way).

  • … YES! (shakes head side to side). NOOOOO of course not. I’m not grumpy and am very patient. Some teachers are clearly burnt out and frustrated teaching. Let’s avoid lessons with those people… I do keep you focused and push you when you need it. This won’t be a “hey dude, wanna jam” lesson. Rule #1: Learning guitar needs to be fun MOST of the time and when it’s not, then I promise, the work you put in during that frustrating time will pay off and it will be fun again.

  • I don’t ever NEED patience with my students. You are the one working hard and overcoming obstacles, I already know how to play that Chord-Riff-Song-Strum you are working on, so why would I be frustrated? YOU will be the one needing patience – patience with yourself! This stuff’s hard! Playing and teaching guitar is my passion so I don’t see my career as “WORK”. It’s my job and I love it.

  • #1) My Home: Comfortable and fun home studio in Chandler, AZ.
    #2) Via Webcam: If you are not local, let’s do the lessons over webcam via Skype or FaceTime (Mac, iPhone, iPad). This works amazingly well. I’ve had students from all over the world. Even local students utilize this feature when time or transportation is an issue.

  • Acoustic and electric guitar are equal in their approach, so it’s up to you which you enjoy playing and hearing, I am proficient at both and will teach you on both. From finger picking and strumming/slapping styles on acoustic to heavy distortion and finger tapping on electric and everything in between, I’ll help you figure out your style. Call me (480) 678-5840 if you want to discuss the differences further. I’ll even help you pick out a new guitar.

  • Well, popular music styles like Acoustic Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Blues, Bluesy-Jazz, Folk, etc…If you are excited by the sound of Flamenco or Classical or Death Metal Scream’o, I suggest you go to a teacher who also plays those styles. It is important to be inspired even as a beginning student. Nothing will motivate you more than hearing the style you love played by someone who knows and loves the style inside and out. I appreciate all styles but don’t teach them all.

  • All lessons are a full hour, NOT a half hour. For adults, half hour lessons are a WASTE of TIME. Many of my students have come from 1, 2, or even 3 years of 30 minute lessons and are embarrassed by their lack of ability and how little they know about guitar. It’s OK. I’ll get you caught up in about 8 lessons. Yes, no kidding!

    Often, if time allows, we go over your scheduled hour. I have dedicated all my time that day to teaching and being in that mode. So if there is no one right after and we a grooving right along in the lesson, let’s keep going! 

    We don’t watch the clock, we watch your progress.

    • I’m extremely reliable.
    • VERY rarely cancel.
    • I go above and beyond for my students.
    • The hard stuff is made simple.
    • I’m fun, down-to-earth, and encouraging.
    • You get private lessons with a community feel! Group lessons and the student showcase make you feel a part of a
    • collective.
    • I’m always available to you. You can call, email, or text me anytime with questions! I’m YOUR guitar friend now.
    • Need help buying a new guitar, need clarification on theory, lost a paper? I often respond with a quick video how to, whatever is needed to get you “unstuck” you at that moment.
    • I’m probably the tech savviest guitar teacher in the valley. (Challenge Accepted) You will get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc…
    • You get Access to my Student Website: Video Lessons, downloadable materials, app and program demos, resources, more…
  • Lessons are well organized with a plan of action individualized to your skill level and interest. Do you know what you want to dive into? Then, let’s get to it. Are you unsure what you’ve missed or where to go next? I’ll make suggestions and show you options.
  • Simplified Complexity

    Music is NOT as hard as most people make it out to be. There is always a way to break down complex information that seems overwhelming, into digestible chunks and easily understood terms. My students flourish with my simplified approach.

    The 3 Categories
    I have developed a 3 category approach to learning guitar.

    • SONGS
      We will use songs to have fun of course, but you will also understand what the songwriter was thinking and the music theory they were using when they wrote it! This way, you can play the song note for note, make it your own with an acoustic version, or change the style and key so you can more easily sing it!
    • THEORY
      Ability comes with time and correct practice, but knowledge can be obtained rather quickly. You will learn ALL the fundamentals needed to create confidence when learning songs on your own or playing with friends.
    • DRILLS
      Not only will you gain a well-rounded foundation of music theory, but you will also learn right and left hand exercises to help you attain the motor skills and dexterity necessary to play the guitar.
      This well rounded approach will enable you to understand all the music fundamentals. You can apply your knowledge and ability to your goals of playing for career or personal enjoyment.