Let’s keep this dead simple… Guitar Lessons are a service industry job. So just like most services (hair cuts, massage, personal training, etc…), my policies kind of fall in line with what your are used too.

  • ¬†Each Lesson is 1 hour!
    – and yes sometimes we go over, that’s why i just charge monthly.
  • $250 Monthly Tuition Pre-payment due 20th of each month
    – Set up as a recurring credit/debit payment
    – This like a membership. There are no adjustments made for more or less lesson in a month.
  • Missed/Canceled/Unused lessons are non-refundable
    – If you sign up and pay for a month that money is non-refundable. This is how you keep yourself accountable.
  • Reschedules with a day¬†notice.
    – This is common curtesy. Let me know ASAP when you can’t make your lesson. I understand, life happens. Just let me know when it happens. we will figure out a time o reschedule you for. To be clear though, I’m not obligated to reschedule your lesson. I’m busy too and have other students. If you miss a lesson it’s OK. Students miss lessons all the time, we will be in touch that week and
  • 10 minutes late with no communication = no show.
    – It’s REALLY unusual for someone to just show up 10min late with no call, no nothing. So I have found if someone forgets or bails on a lesson the 10min mark is the clue THEY AREN’T COMING. haha. So I send a text and move on to getting some work done on Guitar High!