Let’s keep this dead simple… Guitar Lessons are a service industry job. So just like most services (hair cuts, massage, personal training, etc…), my policies are what you’re used too. Only book it, if you can make it.

  • ¬†Each Lesson is 90min.
  • $80 for 90min.
  • You prepay only for your first lesson. After that bring payment to your lesson.
  • Missed or canceled lessons with less than a 2 day notice are $40. I enforce this as a prepayment of $80+$40 for your next lesson.
  • No reschedules with less than a 2 day notice. Only book it, if you can make it.
  • 10 minutes late with no communication = no show.
    – It’s REALLY unusual for someone to just show up 10min late with no call, no nothing. So I have found if someone forgets or bails on a lesson the 10min mark is the clue THEY AREN’T COMING. So I send a text and move on to getting some work done. I may even leave.